7 de Octubre 2007

The heavy heart of the sailor

Ten miles I've walked today
along the shore...
I saw your ghost again...

What a tragic cost,
for getting lost
when you just can't find the light through this fog...

I gathered shells and watched the swells...
Blossom up around my feet
I saw the ribcage of some wreck on the rocks...

Good Lord, what a beautiful day,
for untangling, unraveling my heavy heart away...
To forgive and forget myself
and my enemies, my bruises washed away...

But today, was the day, I first said:
"I belong, I belong."
Here in the ghost region,
all alone upon the shore.
This changing line between land and sea.

The Heavy Heart of the Sailor.jpg

Sé valiente y la fuerza acudirá a tí.

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