13 de Enero 2008

South of Heaven

The spirits, they intoxicate me,
I watched them infiltrate my soul.
They try to say it's too late for me.

Once I was promised absolution.
There's only one solution for my sins.
You gotta face your ghosts and know with no illusions
that only one of you is going home again.

And I blame this world for making a good man evil.
It's this world that can drive a good man mad.
And it's this world that turns a killer into a hero.
Well, I blame this world for making a good man bad.

Now I ain't getting into Heaven
if the Devil has his way...

I swear, I'm gonna live forever.
Tell my maker he can wait.
I'm riding somewhere south of Heaven.

South of Heaven.jpg
South of Heaven. Enero 2008.

Escrito por Xabier a las 13 de Enero 2008 a las 08:00 PM

Slayer? supongo que Lir te ha pegado esa canción no?

Escrito por Coy a las 25 de Septiembre 2010 a las 10:11 PM
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